This course is public speaking course where undergraduate students are introduced into different communication settings for the purpose of learning the basics of effective communication. more precisely, the course provides opportunities for second year students to improve their socio-linguistic skills both on the academic and the non-academic level. The course is set to boost and enhance not only the verbal daily communicative messages but also the non-verbal elements, as the section of the non-verbal elements introduce students to the natural part of communication which is the international accepted body language.  
In this course the instructor develops a Guideline that is designed to structure and better students' Oral communications Skills while doing any kind of an oral activity (Presentation, speech, small group conversations ...). It is chronologically divided into four main sections. In each section, the student will be able to know what to consider while delivering his message in the most appropriate way, avoiding many common mistakes that deform his ideas. In addition, the guideline will allow the students to do the best and the necessary selection of information through taking into consideration his audience's need or the major points he must focus on. Since time is also another challenge to the student, the guideline will help them not only to be selective but also to have concise and precise work. The course seeks to encourage  students to undertake also the best communicative body language that reinforces information and motivates listeners.