This course is an introduction to English Phonetics and Phonology intended for the students of English at undergraduate level in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). It concentrates on both the theoretical and practical aspects of phonetics and phonology. It has been our aim to present the subject in the kind of down-to-earth way that First Year Students at Hassiba Benbouali University of Chlef will find easy to follow, enabling them to absorb the most significant basic principles and terminology. In our view, phonetics should be a matter of practice as well as theory.Thus ,exercise activities are provided at regular intervals to reinforce and extend what has been learnt.

     Among other important learning aspects, writing skills are as crucial as the listening/speaking ones. As the title indicates, this course has been developed in order to help First Year students (English Department) to better fathom the tips and technics they should opt for, so as they write their first paragraphs correctly. In effect, the wrting-learning process requires efforts and lots of focus since it includes avoiding basic punctuation as well as spelling mistakes, and because these are the essentials one has to master, our primary target is to teach trainees to achieve well drafted and perfectly understood paragraphs. Consequently, this lesson encompasses various samples and activities meaning to give a useful writing insight to our students. Hence, it is not only a matter of writing for the sake of doing so, but rather more a question of adapting one's own culture and expressing any given idea while using the English language.