This course is for doctoral candidates with a didactics and literature major. It discusses how to choose approaches that are suited for the research's goals and objectives. It also addresses the majority of the issues that students are expected to have when they plan, develop, and write their theses, such as: 

• How do I choose a research technique, and what are the components of each type?

• How should questionnaires and interviews be prepared? What are the different varieties of them? When and how should each type be used?

• What exactly should be included in the literature review, and which areas should be prioritized?

• Conducting a review of the literature

• Should we use APA or MLA as our citation style?

• What are the most critical components to consider when building an SOP, given that there is no set standard to follow? / How should a thesis be divided into chapters, and what should each chapter contain?

• How to be ready for a conference (what are the main elements we should cover in a conference)

• How to write an article and have it published

This course is meant for doctoral students of the department of English to help them comprehend some key concepts in methodology of research. These guidelines can be used by any student undertaking a research work.