Course: Research Methodology (MLA Style)
Level: Master 1

General Synopsis of the Course

·         This course is addressed to first-year master's students, specialty:  General and Comparative Literature (first and second semester). It explains how to conduct research in general and in literary studies in particular.   It focuses on the style recommended by the Modern Language Association (MLA) for documenting sources in research papers. It also answers most of questions students are likely to ask as they plan, draft, and revise their dissertations such as:

o   How to plan, narrow a topic and conduct a dissertation research project?

o   How to decide upon a methodology?

o   How to choose and use research tools?

o   How to conduct literature review?

o   How to analyze data?

o   How to prepare proposals?

o   How to conduct research in literary studies?

o   How to conduct historical research?

o   How to cite sources in MLA style?

o   How to write abstracts for master dissertations?

o   How to write a general introduction for Master dissertations?

o   How to format Master dissertations?

This course is composed of twelve 12 main lectures. Some lectures are followed by practical activities. The course takes approximately twenty (20) weeks; from October to Avril,