Academic writing is one of the cornerstones of university study. In all disciplines, students need writing to express their ideas clearly.Hence, I have created this guide as a help to you of what you have done in courses in classrooms.

The course is mainly targeted to 3rd Year Learners who want to better understand the different stages of the writting process .Thus,it is a step-by-step guide on how to write an academic Five-paragraph Essay.

This Course of Writing an Academic Essay is designed for third-year Licence Students of English at the Department of English Language- University of Hassiba Ben Bouali, Chlef. This course provides the students with key concepts and strategies to help improve their writing of an academic essay. Thus, it is divided into a set of learning units that allow students to acquire theoretical background knowledge and develop their practical skills. This course is meant to help English as a Foreign Language (EFL) university students familiarise themselves with the basics of English academic writing, to identify the main components of a five paragraph essay, to read and examine different text models, and to produce essays in relation to the criteria of academic writing.

This course is divided into three parts.

1.       The Stages of the Writing Process

2.       Developing a Five-Paragraph Essay

3.       Writing Different Kinds of Essays


Conceptual Map of  the Course

course concept map

The main core of the course is to shed the light on two of the most widespread ethnic groups in Britain. It shows how these two groups have fisrt entered the country, and to what extent they have successeded in maintaining their positions.

The course is devided into two chapters. The first chapter deals with the historical background of both indian and pakistani’s immigration process to Britain. Furthermore, it is devoted to their achievements in different fields; education, employment and politics.  Chapter two is concerned with the reasons behind the stark differences between the level of cohabitation of Indian and Pakistani groups.