This handout of course that I present, in conformity with the programs of the LMD, was written mainly for the use of the students of the second year of the university in the field of science and technology. It is taught during the second semester as an integrated course of 22.5 hours, that is a session of one and a half hours per week.

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the techniques of measuring electrical and electronic quantities. Familiarize with the use of analog and digital measuring devices.

This booklet is composed of 3 parts distributed as follows:

At the beginning, we start this course with a presentation of the basics of measurement. Then, the second part shows the student the different methods of measuring the usual electrical quantities. Analogue and digital measurement devices have been described in detail in the last part of this handout.

Given the importance of measurement in science, this handout is presented in order to introduce students to the measurement systems used and to choose measurement methods and appropriate material for their experiments in order to obtain good results. This contribution may seem thin, but we count on readers to help us improve it, with their critics, if there are any.