This course handout of the subject "Organization and management of industrial maintenance" is intended for second-year Master LMD students in electromechanical fields. The maintenance function aims to ensure the optimal availability of production facilities and their annexes, involving an economic minimum of downtime. The true scope of the maintenance function goes much further: it must be a relentless search for compromises between technology and economics. Much remains to be done for its productive function to be fully understood. Organization, planning and methodical measures are necessary to manage maintenance activities. This course handout will be subdivided into five (05) chapters, the distribution of which is presented as follows: 

The first chapter "Maintenance policy and organization" presents the definition, missions, objectives and evolution of maintenance, the functions of maintenance and the functional organization of maintenance. The second chapter "The different types of maintenance" shows the methods of maintenance, including corrective maintenance, preventive maintenance and improvement maintenance, maintenance activities, operation and maintenance levels. The third chapter "Means management" is devoted to management resources, human, material and technical, economic and computerized means management. The fourth chapter "Maintenance tools" introduces the student to maintenance documentation, stock and supply management, preventive maintenance and inspection visits, planning, dashboards, availability and reliability of equipment. The last chapter "The maintenance environment" introduces the student to environmental protection, maintenance and safety, control of installations, integrated production system and energy and fluid management. 

This work was carried out based on the collection of precise and targeted data in order to facilitate understanding for students.