Finite Element Method (FEM)  By ABAQUS Code

The finite element method is one of the best methods, including the finite difference method and the finite volume method.

In fact, for each method has a characteristic, where the method of finite volume uses to study the behavior of the fluids flow  taking into account the case study as convection or conduction or radiation. While the finite difference method can be the simple technique for solving differential equations with a simple geometric shape.

However, the finite element method with Abaqus provides an efficient technique for solving partial differential equations numerically and highly nonlinear systems according to the number of nodes and the element mesh quality. 

The Abaqus code has become the best code for analyzing mechanical phenomena related to the structure of materials, thermal mechanics, and other fields such as biomechanical, space and piping systems, airplanes, and ships.

Abaqus (FEM) is  based on   the great precision for various scientific and industrial fields.