General Sports Vocabulary

This page lists vocabulary used in talking about sport and sports in general, with example sentences and meanings.


The arena was full of excited spectators cheering on their team.

a level area for holding sports events, surrounded by seats for spectators


The Olympic Games were originally for amateur athletes only.

engaged in something, like playing sports, without payment; non-professional


Most professional athletes spend hours every day in training.

a person who trains for and competes in a sport


There are some very good runners on our athletics team.

'track and field' events of running, jumping, throwing, etc.


All the members of the winning team were awarded a gold medal.

to give someone something as a reward for high achievement


Italy beat France to win the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

to defeat someone in a game or a competition


The captain usually leads his or her team onto the field.

the leader of a team


A wicketkeeper in cricket must be very good at catching the ball.

to grab and hold something that has been thrown


The boxer Muhammad Ali was World Heavyweight Champion three times.

a top-rated, highly successful player

cheer on

The fans made a lot of noise cheering on their team.

to shout encouragement to a team or a player


Players should carry out their coach's instructions during a game.

a person who trains and directs an athlete or a sports team


Over 10,000 athletes will compete in the Olympic Games.

to take part in a contest or a competition


The English Premiership League is one of the world's top football competitions.

an organized event in which people compete to win


Each competitor in a golf tournament must record his or her own score.

a person who takes part in a competition or a sporting contest


Do you know who won this year's figure skating contest?

a game or event in which people compete to win


The tennis courts at Wimbledon in London have a grass surface.

a quadrangular area on which ball games are played, such as tennis or basketball


A golf course usually has eighteen holes.

an area of land prepared for racing, golf, or other sports


After they won the final game, the winners were awarded the Championship Cup.

a cup-shaped trophy, awarded as a prize in a contest


Our players were very happy after they defeated their opponents in the final game.

to win a victory over opponents in a game or contest; to beat


The team attacked and scored two goals, then spent the rest of the game defending the lead.

to protect one's goal rather than attempt to score against one's opponents


The score was 1-0, but the losing team got a late goal and the game ended in a 1-1 draw.

to finish a contest or game with an even score; tie


The 100 metres run is one of the most exciting events in athletics.

a particular contest in a sporting programme


Sometimes the umpire of a tennis match has to tell noisy fans to be quiet.

a person who supports a particular sport, team or player


How many players are allowed on the field during a baseball game?

a piece of land marked out for a sports contest e.g. hockey field

final score

Today's basketball game was very close. The final score was 84 to 82.

the score at the end of a game


I exercise at the gym every day for fitness and good health.

the condition of being physically fit and healthy


Jimmy got the ball, ran down the pitch, and then scored the best goal of the game.

an instance of scoring in a ball game by getting the ball into a target such as between goal-posts, through a hoop, or into a net.

gym / gymnasium

Our gym has a lot of new exercise equipment, including running machines and cycling machines.

a room or building equipped for physical exercise


The players went into the rooms at half-time and listened to their coach.

the interval between the first and second halves of a game


In sports like diving and gymnastics, judges score each performance in a contest.

a person who rates the quality of a sporting performance, usually by awarding points


Nearly every town in the U.S. has teams in a local baseball league.

a group of sports clubs that play each other over a period for a championship


It's good for kids to spend some of their leisure time playing sports.

free time, or the use of free time for enjoyment


Liverpool sacked their manager after they lost eight of their previous ten games.

the person in charge of a sports team


Every athlete's dream is to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games.

a piece of engraved metal given to signify an achievement or an honor


The object of the game of football is to score more goals than the opponents.

the thing you want to get or achieve; what you aim to do


Forwards have to learn how to avoid being caught in an offside position.

In an illegal position ahead of the ball (in football, rugby, hockey, etc.)


Roger Federer's opponent in the Wimbledon final was Rafael Nadal.

the person one competes against in a contest or a game; rival


A defender tries to pass the ball to a forward in a good position to score.

to throw or kick the ball to another player on one's own team


The penalty for abusing a referee is usually a one-match suspension.

a punishment imposed on a player or team for breaking the rules of a sport


All the athletes will do their best to perform well in the Olympic Games.

to carry out a practised activity, such a play a sport


Venus Williams put in one the best performances of her life to win the tournament.

an instance of competing in a sports event in public


Rugby players work hard in the gym to build up their physiques.

the form or shape of a person's body

pitch (1)

The fans cheered as the players ran onto the pitch.

a playing field (British)

pitch (2)

Our pitcher threw one of the best pitches of his life to win the game.

a throw of the ball, esp. in baseball and softball


How many players are on the court during a doubles match in tennis?

a person who plays a sport


(U.S. spelling: practice)

Professional golfers spend hours every day practising their shots.

to repeatedly do something in order to develop one's skill


Tiger Woods has been a professional golfer since he was 20 years old.

a person whose paid occupation is playing a sport


Do you know who holds the world record for the men's 100 metres?

the best performance that has been officially measured and noted


The referee saw a foul, blew his whistle and awarded a free kick.

a sports official with authority to make rulings during a contest


In several sports there is an offside rule, and it's often difficult to explain.

the laws or regulations that govern how a game or sport is played


Do you know how to keep score in badminton?

the number of points a competitor or team earns during a game


Serving the ball is one of the most important skills in sports like tennis.

to hit the ball to begin play (in tennis, table tennis, squash, volleyball, etc.)


In basketball, players try shoot from outside the 3-point line to score the extra points.

to kick, hit, or throw the ball in an attempt to score a goal (in soccer, hockey, basketball, etc.)


Ken has gone to a boxing camp to improve his boxing skills.

the ability to do something well


Spectators can add a lot to sporting events by creating an exciting atmosphere.

a person who watches an event


Good managers know how to teach their players sportsmanship.

an attitude of fairness, respect for opponents, and graciousness in winning or losing


plural: stadiums or stadia

The stadium was built for sports, but it's sometimes used for concerts as well.

a sports arena with tiered seating for spectators


One of the jobs of the manager or coach is to develop a strategy for winning each game.

a plan to achieve an objective


Rugby players have to learn how to tackle an opponent strongly but fairly.

to challenge an opponent who has the ball


Players use tactics such as attacking their opponent's weaknesses in order to win.

an action or strategy planned to achieve an objective


Our daughter's basketball coach says she has a lot of natural talent for the game.

a natural aptitude or skill


The team wins because the players are always looking for their teammates.

a fellow member of a sports team


The best teams spend a lot of time on the training ground working on teamwork.

the combined action of a group of people


The score was very close throughout the game, and it ended in a tie with 89 points each.

a result in a game in which teams have the same final score; a draw


The four major tennis tournaments form what is known as the 'Grand Slam'.

a series of contests between a number of competitors, who compete for an overall prize


Some players are a bit lazy and need a strict trainer to make them work hard.

a person who helps athletes develop their skills and fitness


The hockey team trains every Tuesday and Thursday after school.

to teach a skill over time through instruction; to practise a skill


The players carried the trophy over their heads as they ran around the stadium.

a decorative object awarded as a prize in a contest or a tournament


The players had worked very hard, and they deserved their victory.

the act of winning a game or contest


The referee blew his whistle twice to signal the end of the match.

a small instrument that makes a high-pitched noise when blown